Fire Ninja

First of all... you need 3 things. 1. a membership. 2. a black belt. 3. skills. if you do have these things then all you need to do. first you need to go on your map and click the dojo. then there will be a little door on the bottem left.. enter the door.. your in the ninja hideout. there will be 2 pannels. click the one that says fire and a door will open. enter the door. your training starts....

You are inside the fire dojo.. you can either practice if you want to earn some skills and get use to the game and play with your friends... or you can talk to sensei and earn card jitsu fire costumes... also dont forgot to get an amulet at the ninja hideout. you need one to enter... also talk to sensei if you want to earn suits.......

When your Playing... blank cards will appear straight away... under the cards are numbers... doesnt matter what number.. just select any card... remember selecting cards isnt hard.... just click on the card you want to select and it flips over... Babys can flip the card

1 2 3 4 5 6 are your possable numbers under the cards.. then on the element board 2 element will flash.. you need to click on one of them... you also start with a deck. if you have higher numbers with the element snow you would best pick snow.. the aim of the game is to pick elements and get the highest number... you also start with 6 points. Good luck!

 you can also do card jitsu matches. which are the 2 card icon... its like fire beats snow snow beats water and water beats fire... remember that.. if you win you steal one of their points.. and if u both selected the same element the highest number on the card wins!

Like i said you can earn points and lose points.. when one of the players loses all their points their out! the last person standing wins! i hope this guide helped you alot like my epf agent guide. ill be sure to make a water ninja guide soon! and i hope to see you next time as a fire ninja!

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