Water Ninja Guide

Hey. Your a fire ninja now? ok good. you still need a membership and a amulet to enter the water Dojo. also remember I hope you guide helps you a'lot. anyway's.... now you can be a water ninja. like before go to the dojo on your map but this time click on the pannel on the right which is the water pannel.. the doorway will open. walk up to the door. your training now begins.....

You Are now in the water dojo. oh look a fishy. um nevermind about that. you can either train on those 4 mats or you can earn your water suit by talking to sensei. you can earn your suit by playing lots of card jitsu water rounds. or talk to sensei to earn points for your suit... now.. let me tell you how to play water........

First you will start off on a stone. in front of you will be some elements....  some will be small and some will be huge. there will be a deck of cards under your screen. click on the card.. and click on the element.

Remember fire beats snow water beats fire and snow beats water.. when you click on the card say you picked snow. if theres a fire elemet in front of you click on it.  its the first one to the gong at the end. if you get to the gong at the end first you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you keep on playing card jitsu water alot. you will earn your head item. body item. shoes. and mask! then you will have to vs sensei. hopefully i tried to explain card jitsu water as best as i can and i hope u understand this guide. anything you dont understand message me on youtube. swilliams791. join this blog subsribe to my channel and i hope to make more guides  of other stuff later in the future! i also hope my blog gets popular in the future. thanks for lookin!

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